What’s On Your Phone? Kelly Donahoe

Kelly Donahoe hits the target on a trip to Bhutan in 2012.

Kelly Donahoe hits the target on a trip to Bhutan in 2012.

Kelly Donahoe, Worldwide Category Manager for Microsoft Office, has lost more than 40 pounds with the help of apps on his smartphone, and he’s a lean machine in the business world as well. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Kelly was a Senior Manager with Deloitte Consulting, known for turning around projects that were behind schedule and getting them back on track. He then worked on his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management while interning at Midway Games, the maker of Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam.  After receiving his MBA, Kelly began working at Microsoft, where he’s been for the past seven years, in a variety of Windows marketing roles, and before his current role, served as the U.S. lead for Windows at Retail.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, keeping up with Georgia Tech sports and spending time with his wife Celeste and dog Burdell, who was named after the mysterious, fictitious Georgia Tech student George P. Burdell, a man who, despite being fake, has gotten married, been nominated for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year and served on Mad Magazine’s Board of Directors.

What smartphone do you use?
I use an HTC 8X Windows phone, which runs Windows 8. At the time I got it (a year and a half ago), it was the newest, smallest Windows phone, it fits in my pocket and I like that it’s blue. It also integrates really well with Microsoft Office.

What are your preferred apps at the moment?
I use OneNote, which integrates with Microsoft Office. If I take a note in a meeting, it’s on my phone. I’ll update the movie list in OneNote, and it automatically syncs with my phone and my wife’s phone. This week, for example, I added to the grocery list that goes to my wife’s phone, so she’ll be able to pick up what I added when she goes to the grocery store.

Wordament is a simple find-a-word/word search game. The cool thing is you get two minutes to find as many words as you can in this puzzle, and it compares you to the over 1,000 people that are there at the same time. That’s really cool – it’s a gaming trend. You do one thing, and you see instantly how well other people do who are playing it. If you’re in the top 10 percent of all players, that’s really gratifying.

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counting app that lets you track not only the foods you eat, but it also lets you track your exercises, and it integrates with Fitbit (a bracelet that tracks your fitness). My goal was to have a deficit of 500 calories a day, and it lets me see how many more calories I can have.

I use Twitter for all kinds of news. I subscribe to the Harvard Business School feed that often brings through interesting business news and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to keep up with Georgia Tech sports. I also follow the Seattle Times, Washington Post, CNET, NPR News and OMG Facts. Here’s an OMG Fact on my feed right now: “The average person’s left hand does 56 percent of the typing.”

Media Buddy lets us remotely update the recordings on our local DVR. So if I’m away from home and I forgot to record a show I wanted to watch, I can set my home DVR to record from the app. I can also watch something from my phone that’s been recorded.

What’s your screensaver?
The Effiel Tower. It just looks cool. It reminds me of when I was in Paris. At night, they really lit up the tower in blue just like it is in the picture. It’s beautiful.

What’s On Your Phone? is an occasional blog series that asks business leaders, celebrities and plain ol’ folks to tell us about their smartphones and apps.


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