What’s On Your Phone? Tammy Gordon

As the Vice President of Social Communications for AARP, Tammy Gordon manages a nine-person social media team with a direct-follow audience of more than 2 million people. Her team  has trained hundreds of AARP staffers and thousands of AARP members on how to more effectively use social media, and in 2013, AARP was nominated for DIGIDAY’s Best Facebook Campaign of the Year and Best Social Media Cause of the Year.

Tammy’s passion for social media can be summed up with a look at her Twitter handle, which is simply @Tammy. She set a reminder on her calendar every six months to see if the @Tammy handle was available, and she secured it about seven months ago.

A Tampa, Fla., native, Tammy graduated from Florida State University and has lived in Washington, D.C. for a decade, working in communications and politics. In her spare time, she enjoys browsing farmers markets, cooking, dining out and speaking at various engagements across the country.

What smartphone do you have?
I have an iPhone 5. I’ve had an iPhone since the second generation. If you work on the Web, the Apple applications are great for working on in real time. I have a high sense of loyalty to my Mac products.

What are your preferred apps at the moment?
I am hyper organized about keeping my apps in folders. I have folders for social, finance, photography, entertainment, food, shopping, games, fitness, work and travel.

Tweetbot allows me to easily toggle between Twitter lists. I can watch reporters, see what news is happening in real time, what’s going on Capitol Hill, where people are eating in a certain city I’m traveling in. It’s probably the one that gets the most use, though on a personal level I probably use Instagram (Instagram.com/tammygordon) the most.

TG phone

This screen shot of Tammy Gordon’s phone shows how she organizes her apps.

For editing photos I use an app called A Beautiful Mess, where you can select word overlays and backgrounds. If I want to take a picture and whiteboard it, you can add images and borders, similar to the PhotoShop app, but much easier and cheaper.

Similarly to that there’s one called Meme Generator, which allows you to make your own memes.

From an entertainment standpoint, I use Spotify, Kindle and ESPN SportsCenter to watch Florida State games while I’m traveling. I read more books on my Kindle on my phone and my iPad because of traveling. I don’t want to lug around lots of books, but with my Kindle app I have 20 books ready to read anytime.

I write about food a lot, for social media and my blog. The ones I use I most are Food Truck Fiesta, a real-time automated map of where the food trucks are in Washington, D.C. I use Cor.kz to help me track what I’m drinking, upload pictures by labels, save the ones I like, look up all the wine in my house and sort them by most drinkable. I use OpenTable to make reservations, Seamless and Grubhub to help me order room service when I’m on the road (Grubhub tells me who will deliver to my area), and Epicurious while I’m walking around the grocery store, which allows me to look recipes up by ingredients.

I do travel a lot. I have apps for my Starwood Hotels points and U.S. Airways, where I’m keeping up with my miles and status. I have a dog so I have an app called Dog Friendly that shows me pet-friendly hotels.

A random app that I think is pretty unique is Sky Safari, an app where you hold your phone up to the sky, and it shows you which stars and constellations you’re seeing.

I’m a sucker for online shopping, so I have quite a few of those. I use Zappos – I would rather go there to buy shoes just because there’s a cat that grabs your shoes and puts it in your cart. If you’re having a bad day, just put shoes in your cart. I love Ebay because I’m a bargain shopper. I can get notifications through the Ebay app when, say, someone posts boots in my size from a certain designer that I like.

Under the work category, I have the AARP app of course, and The First 90 Days made by Harvard Business Review. It helps you manage your projects and helps provide strategy for them during their first 90 days.

What’s your screensaver?
I am known to leave my phone places. My screensaver says, “If you find this phone, tweet me @tammy or email me at my AARP email address.”

What’s On Your Phone? is an occasional blog series that asks business leaders, celebrities and plain ol’ folks to tell us about their smartphones and apps.


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