What’s On Your Phone? Scott Porad

As Chief Technology Officer for the Cheezburger Network, Scott Porad spent five years overseeing the development of some of the internet’s most popular humor websites and helped fuel the LOLCat phenomenon. Millions visit the Cheezburger sites daily (I Can Has Cheezburger, FAIL Blog, and Memebase) to caption and share funny pictures. In his new role, Porad has gone to the dogs—leading product development for Rover.com, a Seattle start-up that helps pooch owners find suitable pet sitters and dog boarding.

What smartphone do you use?

I have the iPhone 5. Originally, I was given an iPhone 2 as a gift from a friend and stuck with it. I upgraded from 4 to 5 so I could have Siri.

Scott-PoradWhich apps do you use most often and why?

I’m a pretty basic user. Text messaging. Mail, naturally. I use the iPhone camera a lot, and my favorite photo app is 360 Panorama.

For business apps, I like Go Tasks for integration to Gmail tasks. I prefer Echofon for Twitter. I don’t recall exactly why, but I know that I started with Echofon, tried Twitter, then went back.

Outside of business, Rhapsody or Spotify are the two music apps I use pretty regularly. I do some reading, but not a ton, on the Kindle app. In the winter, I use On the Snow pretty regularly to find out about ski conditions.

What’s on your screensaver?

I’m a Dad. I have a picture of my kids.

No funny cat pictures?

Yes, I use the new Cheezburger app, which is excellent. Frankly, I think it’s easier to use than the website.

What’s On Your Phone? is an occasional blog series that asks business leaders, celebrities and plain ol’ folks to tell us about their smartphones and apps. 


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