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Ryan Dickerson, Senior Product Manager for Social Media at Autotrader.com, brews his own beer, offshore fishes, fosters dogs, dives, camps, cooks, travels, races motorcycles and posts to his Twitter and Instagram feeds multiple times a day. Where does he find the time to do it all? The former social media manager for The Home Depot stays organized with mobile apps that remind him when he needs to do what – and let him listen to good music (and find local beer!) all along on the way. Ryan lives in Atlanta with his wife Emily and their two rescue dogs, Buffett and Captain Morgan – the latter named for his ability to drink everyone’s Captain Morgan back at his University of West Georgia fraternity house.

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What kind of smartphone do you have?

I have an iPhone 4S, with a giant crack down the front and back. How awesome is that?

What apps do you use most often and why?

Just due to my job, I use a large majority of social apps, and they’re in a social media folder. My social folder has 15 apps for engagement or crisis management or channel management, and I can’t even fit Facebook and Twitter in that folder because I’m at my folder app limit. Aside from those, I travel a lot, so I’m a huge user of the Fly Delta app for checking in, flight status, upgrade status and checking bags (which is pretty rare) – everything except booking. I’ve worked at radio in Atlanta – and I’m not a huge fan of radio in Atlanta – so I’m using Pandora when I’m on the road. Then there’s FratMusic [which has music divided into categories such as “Broin Out” and “Pregame”]. It’s not one that I’m proud of, but I love it. I’m still a big Chipolte fan so I use their app if I’m going to lunch there, which I go at least twice a month. You can order from the app – you don’t have to wait in line. It’s kind of nice. Plus, I like Brew Gene since I home brew my own beer. It’s an app for beer lovers to go in and rate different kinds of beers wherever they are. Or, I can grade the beer I’m drinking, and it’ll give me beer recommendations based on what I rate a beer as.

I use Siri a whole lot. I can’t look down and text, so I just dictate while I’m driving. When I’m on the road, I use an app called White Noise. At home, I have a fan that drowns out everything, and I sleep like a baby. When I travel, I have to use this in my scary-still hotel so I can sleep.

I’m also looking for a home – well, I’m under contract right now, but before that I was using Trulia, Zillow and HomeSnap. Homesnap is different. It uses home-recognition software – really geo-targeting – so you snap a picture of the home, and it runs it through a database and pulls up all the details on the house. It’s pretty stellar.

What’s on your screensaver?

Right now, it’s a picture of Abacos, an island in the Bahamas. My wife and I took our boat down to Fort Lauderdale and drove it seven hours to the Bahamas, and this is a picture from the front porch of the house we stayed in the Abacos. I like the photo and it contrasts the apps on the phone, so it makes it easier to notice what you’re going to click on.

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