What’s On Your Phone? Lizzy Nephew

As the Social Media and Emerging Technology Specialist at Porsche Cars North America, Lizzy Nephew leads strategy development in the digital space. It’s a job where fast cars meet rapid-paced technology–through a focus on social, mobile and the Web, Lizzy develops immersive programs for strengthening relationships with owners, engaging with influencers and connecting with new prospects. She’s been involved in the development of Porsche’s Cayman Code of the Curve app, which uses the iPhone’s accelerometer and GPS to track the tests Porsche owners perform on the cars, comparing their results against other users on the app’s leaderboard. In her spare time, Lizzy leads a bit more relaxing lifestyle, enjoying pottery, traveling, outdoor adventures and tennis.

Lizzy NephewWhat kind of smartphone do you have?

iPhone 5

What apps do you use most often and why?

On a personal level, I use the Starbucks app on the regular. I love to walk in the store and just show them my app to calculate rewards points, earn deals and music of the week and receive alerts of things to remind you of what’s going on at the store. They’ve done a great job with it. I use the Chase banking app just to make sure everything’s going through properly. It tells you if you spend more than $125 at one time – once it alerted me to a $500 spa fraud purchase [from my account] in New York. If I really need coffee immediately, I use the AroundMe app to find the closest coffee shop. If I’m traveling, I use the TED app for TED Talks. Sometimes I put that on to listen to while I’m driving.

I love the Road Trippers app. I haven’t actually used it on a road trip, but I use it to inspire me for my next trip. It tells you about accommodations, food, history, nature and attractions in an area. If you were just to hop in your car and go, you could find cool nature sites you didn’t know existed. I also follow them on Facebook, so they post pictures of awesome places all the time. When you click on them, you can add them to your app as places you want to go as a saved trip or bucket list of places you want to travel to.

I also really like the LinkedIn app and CardMunch, which is associated with it. CardMunch allows you to input someone’s business card information, so it’s a business card catalog – and it will find someone’s profile on LinkedIn so you can add them to your list of contacts. I love looking at the news happening on LinkedIn. People are sharing great content on it, from the business side of things. I’m able to keep up with new things in my field and things my colleagues and peers would be interested in.

For fun, I really like Movies by Flickster. If I want to see a movie, I don’t Google search anymore, I use Flickster to find theaters close by and the movie time that works best for you. You can also play the trailer and show what the critics think about it – it incorporates Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

What’s your screensaver?

I have a picture of a road in Virginia that’s covered in trees with a blue sky in the background. When I look at it, it reminds me of a good time. I was visiting a friend in Virginia once, and it was a beautiful day, and we had a great time. It reminds me of real life. It’s one of the moments of pure joy.

What’s On Your Phone? is an occasional blog series that asks business leaders, celebrities and plain ol’ folks to tell us about their smartphones and apps.



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