What’s On Your Phone? Haley Chura

When Haley Chura runs to work, she really means it. The professional triathlete, who’s won several races in multiple divisions, left her job as an auditor for a public accounting firm in April to pursue triathlons full-time and coach other triathletes.

A Boseman, Mont., native, Haley grew up swimming and skiing, saying there wasn’t much else to do in those wide-open spaces but sports. She eventually qualified for Nationals and the Olympic Trials in swimming and landed a spot on the  University of Georgia swim team, which won national swimming championships in 2005 (while Haley was on the team) and 2013. Haley stayed in Atlanta with its varied terrain for triathlon training and proximity to a major airport. When she’s not training, she likes to read and try to convince her younger sister to get into triathlons.

What smartphone do you have?
I have an iPhone 5S – the gold one, actually. My sister works for Apple, so I have an inside connection there [laughs]. She helped me figure out a strategy for getting a gold one. She told me it was worth it to upgrade from my iPhone 4 – the camera is better, and it’s really worth it. It’s important for me to capture moments with my smartphone as they happen.

Haley Chura profile

Professional triathlete Haley Chura

What are your preferred apps at the moment?
Most of my apps are social media-related or health and fitness-related. Triathlons are a young, growing sport where the amateurs and the professionals compete in the same sport, so everyone connects on social media.

Twitter is my preferred app. I use it to break a lot of news and get a lot of news. I’m kind of getting more into Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been on Facebook since college but now I’m using it to be more triathlon-specific, and I use Instagram and my phone’s camera to take a lot of pictures. Combined, they’re probably the apps I use the most. I like sharing pictures.

I use the Wordpress app sometimes because I have a blog. I like to write blogs on the computer, but I can go into the app on my phone and correct anything I may have missed on the blog.

For health and fitness, I use an app called TrainingPeaks, which is how I get my workouts from my coach. It has an interactive calendar, and I can see, for example, today I have a 30-minute run, an hour bike ride and a 30-minute swim. If I need to make a change to my workout, I can go in and make a real-time change to my workout.

MyFitnessPal has a weight-loss stigma, but athletes can use it to see that they’re getting enough calories, the right calories, a balance of carbs and fat. It’s pretty easy to use. It’s not perfect, but as a general guideline, athletes can make sure they’re not skipping meals.

Swim Radar is an app I use sometimes when I’m traveling because you can locate swimming pools in your area. When you’re traveling, you can find trails to run pretty easily, but you can’t swim without a pool, so that app has been helpful.

World Anti-Doping Agency has a really useful app called WADA Prohibited List that has a list of prohibited substances. I’m subject to drug testing, and even amateurs at the world level can be drug tested. So if you’re at the doctor’s office and you need to see if you can take something, you can look it up before you take it.

What’s your screensaver?
My phone is kind of new, and I still just have a generic picture of the night sky. I need to change that! I have such cool pictures from being on my bike for hours and hours per day.

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