What It Takes to Become a Salesforce MVP [Infographic]

With each seasonal release, Salesforce rewards a new set of Salesforce MVPs. And we’re so excited that our featured blogger Ben McCarthy, who created and writes for the Salesforce Ben blog (@SalesforceBen) was named to the Summer MVP list. Congratulations, Ben!

What does that mean for Ben and the other 14 new MVPs (plus the 35 re-awarded ones)? The Salesforce MVP Program “seeks to boost the influence of the MVPs, both within the community and with their peers.”  In short, MVPs receive mentions on the Salesforce blog and events, invitations to speak at Salesforce events, a chance to meet the Salesforce.com senior executives, special access to training and certifications and more.

Key characteristics of an outstanding MVP candidate include, according to the Salesforce MVP website:

  • Accessibility – Participating in the community at least 9 days per month, either on success.salesforce.com or through social channels (e.g., Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Expertise – Having a strong understanding of the product and the needs of the community
  • Responsive – Responding regularly to questions and contributing to the knowledge of the community
  • Leadership – Representing the spirit of the community and bringing the voice of the customer back to salesforce.com
  • Advocacy – Being a brand advocate for the product and jumping in to defend the company when necessary

In the infographic below, Apttus compiled findings from studying past and present Salesforce MVPs, including typical social media participation, influence, number of Salesforce certifications, education level achieved and more, to provide what it takes to become a Salesforce MVP.



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