Top 5 Salesforce Chrome Extensions

With more than 2,000 apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, there’s one for every possible need inside Salesforce. Similar to how the apps in the AppExchange maximize efficiency, developers have designed several really cool, simple Google Chrome extensions that are extremely effective and can save people a lot of time. After thorough review, here’s my list of the top five Salesforce Chrome extensions.

Salesforce Navigator
Salesforce Navigator is extremely simple and will save consultants, developers and administrators a massive amount of time when navigating through Salesforce. Once installed into Chrome, Salesforce Navigator will sit dormant in the background until you press the magic key combo, Shift + Space, which launches a mini floating search bar in the middle of your page that allows you to search all of Salesforce (more of the back end stuff as apposed to records). Search through any area in the back end of Salesforce, which is helpful for when you need to get to a particular place that is buried deep (requires multiple clicks to get there). You can also change the key combo to get there if required.

sandbox favicon

Sandbox Favicon for Salesforce

Sandbox Favicon
The best ideas are often the simplest, and that’s no exception with Sandbox Favicon. This little extension changes the Favicon (the little logo next to the browser tabs) on Salesforce Sandboxes to an S, which is useful for consultants, administrators and developers who often work between sandboxes and production. This extension can prevent mistakes in searches, such as searching a sandbox for a specific production record.

Ebsta for Salesforce
Essentially, Ebsta allows you to make sense of data you have in Salesforce and LinkedIn. If data is found in the current LinkedIn profile you’re viewing, Ebsta’s toolbar at the top of your browser will match it to records in Salesforce and show relevant data about that contact. It’s a must-have for users of Salesforce and LinkedIn.


Ebsta, an extension for LinkedIn and Salesforce

Users with varying roles will like using Brisk, though consultants, administrators and developers may find it particularly useful for testing purposes. Brisk gives you a nicely laid out sidebar that contains a “mini” Salesforce, where you can access your leads, accounts and opportunities, add new records and log calls. Think of it as a bit like the Salesforce1 mobile app, but in your browser. It can be easily hidden by clicking on the icon and then enabling it again.

Salesforce ID Paster
If you often find yourself copying and pasting Salesforce IDs into your URL bar, Salesforce ID Paster might be the Chrome extension for you, as it essentially eliminates the need to select, delete, paste and press enter. Usually you use your mouse to select the URL portion that comes after “…/” and then paste over that portion, but Salesforce ID Paster allows you to perform this paste using a keyboard shortcut (using Ctrl+Shift+Y, but this can be changed).  Then it navigates to the web page of your pasted ID directly.

Salesforce ID Paster

Salesforce ID Paster

 Ben McCarthy, also known as Salesforce Ben, is a certified Salesforce admin and developer. Ben has a wealth of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem as a Business Analyst, Head of CRM and Consultant.


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