by Mike Cooper

5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Software Testers This Holiday Season

As the holiday season gets into swing, many of us will be traveling, shopping, eating and enjoying other seasonal pastimes that are, for better or worse, now aided by pretty sophisticated software.

That’s why I give thanks for my fellow quality assurance and testing pros. They work behind the scenes…

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by Alex Gramling

New e-Book: 6-Point Checklist for Mobile App Success

Enterprise spending on mobile application development is on the rise, but many mobile applications built by and for businesses — often at significant cost—go unused or underused by their target audience.

Apps developed with the best of intentions may fail if companies don’t fully understand their mobile users, or if…

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by Jaime Grimes

Salesforce1: How to Build Apps That Build Business Faster

So you want to build a mobile application for your business, and you want it done fast, but the CFO in your organization says it costs too much.

What if there was a way to build an app while boosting your business, user and IT staff productivity, while greatly reducing…

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by Jaime Grimes

What’s On Your Phone? Kelly Donahoe

Kelly Donahoe hits the target on a trip to Bhutan in 2012.

Kelly Donahoe, Worldwide Category Manager for Microsoft Office, has lost more than 40 pounds with the help of apps on his smartphone, and he’s a lean machine in the business world as well. After receiving…

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