by Jaime Grimes

What’s On Your Phone? Kelly Donahoe

Kelly Donahoe hits the target on a trip to Bhutan in 2012.

Kelly Donahoe, Worldwide Category Manager for Microsoft Office, has lost more than 40 pounds with the help of apps on his smartphone, and he’s a lean machine in the business world as well. After receiving…

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by Ted Chappell

4 Steps to Sync Microsoft Office for the iPad with Dropbox

If you are like us, most people in your organization have an iPad, and they’re using DropBox for document sharing and storage. When Microsoft Office for iPad was released, we installed it and linked our Office365 accounts for the full create-and-edit capabilities of Office docs, spreadsheets and presentations…

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by Jaime Grimes

What’s On Your Phone? Aki Iida

Zappos.com prides itself on customer service.

As Zappos’ Head of Mobile, Aki Iida leads the design, development and execution of all mobile technology products. Aki has been part of Zappos since its infancy, having played a large role from developing the fulfillment center software to…

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by Jeffrey Riozzi

Why Cloud Security is Within Reach

Despite ever-rising cloud adoption rates, some companies have been reluctant to aggressively move applications to the cloud. Security – or the fear of security breaches – is largely to blame.

CIOs, cloud security is within reach, and here are three reasons why.

CIO enlightenment
CIOs are realizing…

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