by Ben McCarthy

5 Career-Changing Takeaways from Dreamforce 2015

My first Dreamforce was overwhelming to say the least, and I imagine even Dreamforce veterans felt the same.

Dreamforce 2015, as it is every increasing year, was the biggest ever, with more than 170,000 registrants and 2,600-plus customer/partner speakers. As I expected, the keynotes were motivating and inspiring, the sessions were filled…

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by Alex Gramling

5 Reasons You Can’t Work Remotely

It’s a question that consulting candidates are asking with greater frequency:  Can I work from home?

“Someone asks me that at least once a day,” says Caitlin Gentry, a recruiter at Run Consultants. “Usually the answer is ‘no,’ but I’ll always ask the client if I think remote work is…

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by Jaime Grimes

The Top 50 Salesforce Influencers on Twitter: A New eBook

It’s not what you post on Twitter, it’s what you learn that’s valuable.

With 500 million Tweets that go out every day, it’s easy to find opinions, pictures, news and even random thoughts, and it can be enough to make your head spin. But when you cut through the noise, you…

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by Ben McCarthy

8 Essential Salesforce Service Cloud Workflows

Salesforce Service Cloud comes standard with fairly limited automation, which doesn’t  completely show smaller, less experienced businesses what the system can achieve. While working as a consultant, I found and have seen several easy-to-implement workflows that can greatly reduce admin tasks, limit human error and provide an overall smoother experience. Here are my brief…

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