Salesforce1: How to Build Apps That Build Business Faster

So you want to build a mobile application for your business, and you want it done fast, but the CFO in your organization says it costs too much.

What if there was a way to build an app while boosting your business, user and IT staff productivity, while greatly reducing your infrastructure costs?

Enter the Salesforce1 Platform, a cloud application platform or Platform as a Service (PaaS) that can increase the speed and success of app development.

In a new white paper sponsored by, “Salesforce1 Platform: Accelerate App Dev with Huge ROI,” IDC analyzed the experiences of different Salesforce1 Platform customers to quantify the typical business value of using the platform to build their applications. The infographic below from Salesforce has a summary of the results, including Salesforce1’s impact on development, infrastructure and resources.

salesforce1 apps infographic


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