Salesforce1 Enhancements Due in Spring ’14 Release

salesforce spring releaseSalesforce is at it again with its Spring ’14 Release launching in March.

The new release has more than 150 new features, including major enhancements like general availability of the Salesforce1 mobile app, the SalesforceA administrator mobile app, new APIs for developers, multi-component, multi- monitor support, the Private AppExchange and general availability of the Chatter Salesforce files sync. Here’s an in-depth look at what’s new and what it means for Salesforce users and developers.

Salesforce1 mobile app
With the Salesforce1 mobile app, users now have one application for all of their standard Salesforce sales cloud, service cloud and custom objects and apps. With standard navigation across all of a user’s objects, the mobile interface offers a unified mobile experience for everything Salesforce, but includes some differences with the full Salesforce site experience.

Alerts or reminders can be pushed out to users with Salesforce1 mobile app push notification support.  It should be noted that the Salesforce Touch app is no longer available and has been replaced by the Salesforce1 mobile app.

SalesforceA is the admin mobile app that allows Salesforce Administrators to administer Salesforce, including managing user accounts, tabs, apps and access, from anywhere.  The storage limits have also been increased from the standard 612MB per user up to 2GB per user.

New APIs
With new APIs for developers, Salesforce offers enhanced functionality for developing custom apps and customers’ outside apps. Custom actions enhancements can be associated with any app, tab or object, providing developers with even more ways to create exciting new apps on the Salesforce1 platform (formerly the platform).

Multi-component, multi-monitor support
The multi-component, multi-monitor support allows users to customize their desktop with multiple screens by dragging and dropping objects most important to them. This will be especially useful for those working on apps focused on the service cloud, call centers or command centers.

Private AppExchange
The Private AppExchange allows companies and their Salesforce Administrators to create a company app store with access controlled by role, department or teams, giving users a personalized AppExchange. The Private AppExchange will provide users with access to a centralized app store that contains only the apps their organization has purchased or developed for them.

Chatter Salesforce files sync
The Chatter Salesforce files sync allows users to drag and drop files to their Salesforce files folders on their desktops and automatically syncs them with the cloud. The files are both backed up and synchronized across a user’s multiple devices and inside of Chatter. Users can then share their files with other Chatter users or Chatter groups for accessibility and collaboration.

These new features make Spring ’14 an exciting release from Salesforce. Contact us for expert assistance in utilizing these Salesforce1 enhancements.


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