Salesforce Certification: How to Become Salesforce Certified

cert_program_rgbSalesforce developer jobs and admin jobs are hot, hot, hot.

As demand for increases, hiring companies need more certified Salesforce developers and certified Salesforce administrators to implement and maintain their systems. Make yourself more marketable as a expert and receive Salesforce certification to stand out among other potential employees.

You can receive Salesforce certification in the following paths: Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Developer, Advanced Developer and Technical Architect.

To learn, you can find classes online or in your local area, gain experience in your job or research online study guides and resources, such as Certified on Demand.

To become certified, study for the exam or learn the material through experience, then take the exam in one or more of the Salesforce certification tracks or paths described below.

Administrator Track

  • Administrator
  • Advanced Administrator

Implementation Experts Track

  • Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant

Developer Track

  • Developer
  • Advanced Developer

Architects Track

  • Technical Architect

Tests can be scheduled onsite through Salesforce’s global network of Kryterion-sponsored testing centers, which set their own schedules, or as online proctored exams, which allow you to take them remotely from your own computer, monitored by a proctor through a webcam. Online proctored exams have specific system requirements, such as particular webcams, computer operating systems and Internet connections, and can be reviewed here before you schedule an exam.

With the exception of the Advanced Developer and Technical Architect exams, each test costs $200, and subsequent entries are $100 each (if you fail the initial exam), said Certification expert John Coppedge. For each path, you will need to take a maintenance exam each release (spring, summer or winter) after you pass. The first two yearly release exams are free, but you must pay $100 to renew your certification every third release.

The basic certifications are prerequisites for the advanced certifications, but do aim to take the advanced courses, as employers and recruiters deeply value those certifications. Check with your employer to see if they will help finance your certification.

Learn more about Salesforce certifications from the Salesforce Certified site or by following Salesforce University at @SalesforceU, and read our article on a guide to Salesforce certification tracks.


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