RunE2E Shares Happy Thoughts for the Holidays

RUN 2013Relaxation and chaos, warm fires and cool evenings, food and family, heritage and tradition – no time is quite like the holidays. We asked the RunE2E employees what they’re most looking forward to for the holidays, and here’s what they said (Hint: A lot of answers involve food!):

Bobby Smith, President: “I am looking forward to relaxing with my kids and wife.  This year has been nonstop with all of our kids’ activities and travel schedule.  Looking forward to eating pecan pie, too.”

Dimple Kochikar, Director of Recruiting: “I love the food and down time with family. I love reading and being able to sleep in. Most of all, I just enjoy being with family and feeling the warmth at home.”

TJ McGoldrick, Senior Consultant Advisor: “Each year our church has a live nativity during the Christmas Eve service where all the kids are involved. Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus (a real baby) sit in the manger at the front, and even live animals make their way through. Last year we were cast as Mary and Joseph, with our almost 3-month-old son Nolan playing baby Jesus and our two girls as little angels. It was a service we will never forget and we will look forward to every year.”

Brad Elster, Principal: “My favorite thing about the season was I was able to spend it with my entire family because Hannukah fell over Thanksgiving. Plus, my kids are out of school for three weeks, so I love that I get to spend more time with them.”

Jeffrey Riozzi, Senior Vice President: “In Italian families like mine, Christmas Eve is a much more significant part of the holiday than Christmas day. The traditional Christmas Eve meal is based on different fish dishes, using recipes that are made have been handed down through several generations.”

Bob Bailey, Principal: “Over the Christmas holiday, I enjoy spending time with my family in New York City because there is simply no place on earth like it for the energy, fun and overall atmosphere. Oh, and I can’t forget how much I enjoy a real Christmas tree and the fun we have each year picking one out as a family and decorating it. I also enjoy lighting up the house and yard with Christmas lights.”

Rich Heidal, Consultant Advisor: “I love that I’m going to get to spend time with my mom. Holidays have always been so important to her, and it’s because her kids get together and celebrate with her. She really loves when we all get together.”

Susan Galbreath, Director of Human Resources: “I am looking forward to taking my kids to Stone Mountain for the Christmas festivities and tubing down Snow Mountain for the first time. Also, our extended families are coming to our house this year for only the second time and, as I know it will be a little stressful, I hope it ends up like a Griswold family Christmas!”

Anne Warner, Controller: “Looking forward to heading north to Pittsburgh to visit our families. Hopefully the snow will still be there.  Also, can’t wait to enjoy all of my mom’s delicious Christmas cookies.”


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