Mobile Devices To Overtake Desktop By 2014

It’s an app, app, app, app world – or it may be by as soon as the middle of next year. During 2014, the number of mobile devices is predicted to exceed the number of desktop and laptop personal computers (worldwide), according to research from Morgan Stanley. In simplest terms, Windows 8 is out; Android and iOS are in.

Laptop and desktop worldwide shipments fell 14 percent from the first quarter in 2012 to the first quarter 2013, said research firm IDC to the Wall Street Journal. That’s the sharpest drop since IDC began tracking this data in 1994 and marks the fourth straight quarter of PC declines.

As desktop’s reach falls, mobile’s reach rises and is predicted to become the primary way people access the Internet, said eMarketer. An average 43.5 percent of participants in a Media Behavior Institute study accessed the Internet via a mobile phone each week during the period ending in January 2013, an increase of 8 percent over the period ending in July 2012. Tablet use increased by four percentage points between those same periods, and computer use decreased 5 percent.

For businesses to stay current, they should adapt their marketing strategy to accommodate – and even revolutionize – the mobile space, provide location-based content, create a responsive or mobile website or consider designing a mobile app.

E-commerce sites might develop time-based offers based on how and when individuals use devices.  This infographic from eConsultancy shows how the time of day determines what device a person is on:

ORM London

ORM London

The future of mobile is, well, that the future is mobile. Current smartphone and tablet owners are affluent, but prices are falling fast, and mobile movie and television viewing is growing, said BI Intelligence at the Ignition: Mobile 2013 conference. Digital is now a four-screen world, with smartphones, tablets, televisions and desktops or laptops commanding our attention, but desktops may be replaced with smart watches or smart glasses, like Google Glass, as time goes on. Make sure you’re connecting with your customers, wherever they’re viewing your business and products.


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