Mobile Data to Overtake Voice in Revenues in 2014?

Next year may be the first year that mobile data takes in more money than voice.

For years, mobile carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint relied on voice as their primary revenue driver. But according to the U.S. Mobile Market Update from Chetan Sharma Consulting, the fourth quarter of 2013 may change all that.

Mobile data now accounts for 48 percent of U.S. mobile industry service revenues, and the crossover point of 50 percent may happen this quarter. Carriers took in $22.8 billion from data in Q3, up 5 percent from the previous quarter and 15 percent year over year, said a Gigaom article on the study.

With holiday revenue – which is big for data plan activations – not yet accounted for, the U.S. Mobile Market Update estimated that the U.S. can expect to bring in $90 billion in mobile data service revenues for 2013, making the country the number-one market in mobile data revenues, ahead of Japan and China.

This news goes along with previous findings that mobile devices will overtake desktop by 2014, as more people reach for their smartphones than laptops and desktops to access the Internet.


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