4 Cool Things to Know About BlueMix

ibm bluemixMaybe you’ve heard of BlueMix, but don’t know much about it. That’s okay, it’s new for everyone.  But we’re in the sandbox building apps with the beta and we are intrigued by what we are seeing.  Here are some of the things we know and like:

It’s all about the platform
BlueMix is a next generation Platform as a Service (PaaS) entry from IBM. Because its PaaS, that makes it easier to deploy, run and scale applications. Some PaaS offerings are limited to certain technologies or restrict deployment to a single cloud, but Bluemix is based on IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture, which means…

It’s open
BlueMix leverages Cloud Foundry, the industry’s Open PaaS and provides a choice of clouds, frameworks and application services. As an open source project, there is a broad community both contributing and supporting Cloud Foundry. The beta is open, too, and you can sign up for free here.

It has ready-to-go runtimes
BlueMix ships with a handful of built-in runtimes (or “buildpacks”) for use in creating your apps. But because it’s open (see above), you can also build apps using external buildpacks and easily find community-created buildpacks compatible with Cloud Foundry.

It’s developer friendly
Although new, BlueMix already has a robust community of developers with a helpful wiki for dev Q & A. There are also a growing number of hackathons and events scheduled around BlueMix and Cloud Foundry that will help spread knowledge.


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