Following Up On and Closing a Dormant Case in Salesforce

When customers who aren’t replying, you can reduce Service Cloud administration tasks when you use a variety of workflows. In a previous post, 8 Essential Service Cloud Workflows, I talked briefly about different ways to follow up with customers, set email triggers and eventually close a case if a customer hasn’t responded, but realistically, every business won’t have a silver bullet.

The following method may not work for everyone, but it will get you thinking about implementing something similar into your own Org as another option to follow up on and close a dormant case in Salesforce.

  • Click on Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Workflow Rules.
  • Click on New Rule.
  • Select Case as the Workflow Object.
  • Name your Rule and give it a description.
  • Evaluation Criteria should be set as created, as well as any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria.
  • In the simple formula editor, we can set the field as Email Message: Incoming, Operator as equals and Value as the status that you wish to use as the indicator that a case is dormant.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 14.08.27

The trick with a workflow process like this is to used time-based workflows. We can set up multiple time-based actions when certain criteria is met. The brilliant thing with these is that as soon as the criteria is not met anymore, it will cancel any actions that are scheduled to go off. This means if we have a 10 day follow up, then a 15-day follow up and then if no answer comes in after 20 days, we close the case. If the customer does respond anywhere in this process, it will cancel the remaining actions.

Below you can see the actions I have added to this particular workflow.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 14.44.54

The above actions are just simple email templates. However, note the recipient field. Make sure this is set to the Email Field: Contact Email, as this will ensure the email is sent to the customer who created the case. Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 14.53.36

It’s simple, but the above can be really effective in saving your agent’s time, knowing that following up with customers and closing dormant cases is all handled by Salesforce.

Ben McCarthy is a certified Salesforce admin and developer. He writes the popular Salesforce Blog, Salesforce Ben. Ben has a wealth of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem as a Business Analyst, Head of CRM and Certified Sales Cloud consultant.


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