Apple Adds Tips and Tricks Guides for 4S, 5S and 5C iPhone Models

Now iPhone users no longer have to scour Apple forums, rumor mills and technology articles to discover what all their devices are capable of, as Apple has launched a Tips and Tricks collection for each of its current phone models on its site.

Reported Oct. 4 by MacRumors, guides are available for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. For those with an iPhone 5, use the 5C guide. The devices have the same functionality from a Tips and Tricks perspective except where noted in the highlights for each section:

  • Photography – Take bigger and better pictures, share more of them at one time and snap 10 photos per second (5S only).
  • Swipe Gestures – Delete a message in Mail, go back in mail, view timestamps of your texts, see all of your Weather locations on one screen or Spotlight Search to quickly find a message or topic, all by swiping your finger across the screen.
  • FaceTime – Make audio-only FaceTime calls.
  • Maps – Get directions to a pin drop on a map instantly with Quick Route, zoom in to a location with Flyover, tilt and rotate your view and share a pin via text, mail, Airdrop and social media accounts.
  • Siri – Explain relationships of your contacts to Siri, set your locations and change the way Siri pronounces a name.
  • Calendar – Select one of several views, including a five-day landscape view, learn swipe gestures for your Calendar and search for specific events.
  • Music – Create playlists and radio stations, buy songs from iTunes Radio and view your musical landscape, which is a mosaic of all your album covers.
  • Mail – Insert a photo or video from a message, clean up your inbox and get back to a draft quickly.
  • Safari – Utilize single sign-in to update social media from multiple apps and Safari, manage open Safari pages and create web clips to access them from your Home screen.
  • AirPlay and Wireless – Broadcast live (with WiFi connection) from AirPlay and print wirelessly from your phone.
  • Settings – Enable emoji characters, get keyboard tips, activate Do Not Disturb and find your phone through the Find My iPhone feature.
  • Compass – Make your phone a level or an inclinometer.



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