7 Certifications to Complement Your Salesforce Career

System integration conceptSalesforce admins, developers and architects focus intently on acquiring and maintaining Salesforce certifications—and with good reason.

Certified Salesforce professionals can earn higher salaries and have access to more job opportunities.

But the beauty of Salesforce is that it plays nice with other native apps and enterprise solutions, many of which offer their own training paths and certifications.

Earning additional certifications that complement your Salesforce experience can help differentiate your resume from that of other consultants, and can make you more marketable to employers that utilize AppExchange or Salesforce partner solutions.

Most of the courses below can be completed online, often in a few days, and not all require technical knowledge. So with a little extra study, you can quickly attain certifications that can add velocity to your Salesforce career.

Veeva is CRM for the life sciences industry built on the force.com platform. Consider becoming a Veeva Certified Administrator if you’re familiar with the administration and configuration of Salesforce and want to improve your marketability to large pharma or biotech clients.

Docusign is the most popular electronic signature app on the AppExchange. The DocuSign Certification Course for Salesforce Administrators is a two-day course covering the “advanced integration between DocuSign tools and the Salesforce platform.”  Docusign also says a future certification for developers will soon be available.

If you are new to CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solutions, the Apttus Quote-to-Cash Certification course offers a valuable primer on quoting and contracting. This certification consists of five 25-minute video modules, followed by an online test.

This is another popular CPQ application popular with Salesforce customers.  Oracle offers a suite of BigMachines certification programs tailored to different roles (end users, administrators and developers) and levels of experience.

The new Certified Pardot Consultant exam is a Salesforce certification, but it’s complimentary to your other Salesforce skills because Pardot, used by B2B marketers, is a separate application. You’ll learn the core functions of Pardot Marketing Automation, like email management and lead qualification, and gain the knowledge required to integrate Pardot with Salesforce.

Google Apps
Companies that are “all in” on the cloud often use Google Apps with Salesforce. There are two Google App certification paths available. You can train for Certified Administrator status or choose the more technical path, certification as a Deployment Specialist.

Master Data Management (MDM) to ensure accurate, consolidated data is a common need in large Salesforce deployments and Informatica’s MDM tools are widely used in Salesforce companies. Informatica offers multiple certification exams, including MDM specialist certifications for admins and developers.

When you complete any relevant certification, don’t forget to update your resume. And if you know of or recommend other complementary courses for Salesforce professionals, let us know in the comments below.


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