6 Must-See, High-Paying Salesforce Average Salaries

Dollar growth chartConsidering a professional career in Salesforce? Or are you currently working in a Salesforce environment and interested in what you could potentially earn?

Salesforce is becoming an increasingly vital tool for organizations, and as this need surges, so do the salaries. from Indeed, Payscale and ItJobWatch in November 2014 and are listed from highest to lowest.

Technical Architect – $130,000

Technical Architects are at the top of the Salesforce food chain. This role involves knowing the Salesforce platform, web services, various development languages and business processes inside and out. There are only around 100 Salesforce certified Technical Architects in the world, and for good reason, as they must be incredibly skilled in everything Salesforce. Business Insider ranked Salesforce Technical Architects as the highest paid skill. At a senior level, you can look to make upwards of $200,000.

Salesforce Consultant – $114,000

Salesforce consultants are in huge demand at the moment, and that’s because Salesforce implementations typically need them. And with the Salesforce customer base ever expanding, this number is only going to increase. In a Salesforce consultant role, you can expect to interact with clients daily, assessing needs, business requirements and converting these into a Salesforce solution. Consultants are also expected to have a deep understanding around Salesforce configuration and features.

Salesforce Project Manager- $94,000

As Salesforce implementations increase, so do the project manager roles to run the projects. Salesforce project managers are expected to have a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform, as well as cloud computing and its application inside a business. Strong requirements-gathering skills and proof of successful project implementation is a must.

Salesforce Business Analyst- $90,000

Salesforce business analysts are sometimes employed as consultants to analyze business requirements and translate them into Salesforce solutions. They can also be employed to run, manage and analyze an internal company’s Salesforce implementation. Similarly, business analysts are required to have a strong understanding of the Salesforce platform and what can and can’t be achieved with standard functionality.

Salesforce Developer – $87,000

Salesforce developers work internally with medium to large Salesforce implementations but also as consultants. Salesforce developers are primarily tasked with using Apex code and Visualforce to extend Salesforce standard functionality, as well as Java and other programming languages to interact with Salesforce. Developers are also required to have a good understanding of Salesforce features and when it is appropriate to use code.

Salesforce Administrator – $64,000

Salesforce administrators run the show and are the go-to people inside businesses. Administrators are expected to have a deep understanding of the configuration side of Salesforce, as well as know when it is appropriate to go to a developer for feature extensions. Daily tasks involve setting up users, administration and training. Project work is also a feature of an administrator role.

Ben McCarthy, also known as Salesforce Ben, is a certified Salesforce admin and developer. Ben has a wealth of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem as a Business Analyst, Head of CRM and Consultant.


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