5 Tips for Passing the Salesforce Developer Certification Exam

salesforce certifiedReady to take – and pass – the Salesforce Developer Certification exam? Then sign up for a Salesforce certification training class, study (a lot!) for the exam and pass with flying colors. Here are five tips for taking and passing the Salesforce Developer Certification exam:

  1. Choose an official Salesforce Developer class.Whether you’re taking it in person or online, make sure you select a class that says “official Salesforce Developer Certification class.” This means, for the most part, what’s on your certification exam matches what was covered in class. You can find official Salesforce University certification training classes online or in your local area.
  2. Complete the exercises and homework covered in class.Even if you’ve developed applications using similar work before, learning the naming conventions and lesser-used features that Salesforce.com uses are keys to passing the exam later.
  3. Schedule your exam a few weeks out from your class.This will give you time to study, but still help you retain the information you learned in class. As part of the official class, you’ll receive a voucher for one free exam.
  4. Study at least an additional 30 hours on material not covered in class.Expect to see material in the exam not covered in the class. In addition to the courseware and study guide, review the training videos, online documentation, practice tests and additional courses your class instructor sends you throughout the class.
  5. During the exam, read the questions carefully.Sounds like a no-brainer, right? In your nervousness while taking the exam, you may select the most obvious answer, but the question may not be asking for what’s simplest. Reread the questions, mark questions for later review if they take up too much time and change your answers if necessary.

If you take your exam at a testing center, prepare to start almost as soon as you arrive, and when you finish answering all the questions, go back and review the ones you’re not as confident about. The exam is a good measure that someone has done actual development and understands the concepts within the Salesforce.com platform, so developing some apps – and completing the exercises – are keys to passing. Good luck!


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