5 AppExchange Apps to Motivate Sales Teams

Business Analyst GroupPeriodically, sales executives may have trouble nudging their sales teams to go the extra mile and close a few extra deals. Sales requires high energy all the time, and at times, it’s only human to need special motivation to push through the periods of mundane.

Insert a group of Salesforce AppExchange apps designed to  track progress, simplify challenges, spur friendly competition, reward results and improve communication among sales professionals, all of which lead to closing deals faster – and more often.

The AppExchange apps below from The 18 Must-Have AppExchange Apps for Sales Teams eBook are designed to do all of those things and more. Motivate sales teams with these five apps, chosen for their ease of use, popularity and problem-solving functionality.

Have a sales team with multiple territories? Have them instantly narrow down their prospects, know who’s in their direct area and plan sales routes with Geopointe, a mapping and geo-analytics solutions for Salesforce. Not only can this map help sales professionals plan their days better (and include existing clients in one trip), they can also save money on gas and mileage, as well as valuable time.

Pricing: Starting at $20 USD per user per month

Similar to Geopointe, MapAnything allows sales teams to manage their territories, but promotes its use from check-in and check-out features, allows for field updating and adding sales efforts to existing marketing campaigns. It also allows users to optimize their routes and updates with live traffic reporting.

Pricing: Starting at $24 USD per user per month

With Hoopla, create games, leaderboards and contests for your sales team around any Salesforce object or metric, and broadcast the results of those live, directly from Salesforce to any TV, website or mobile device. Motivate your sales team to drive sales with a little friendly competition, collaboration and recognition, and as a bonus, dramatically improve Salesforce adoption.

Pricing: Starting at $18 USD per user per month

Your Sales Motivation Engine
Rev up your sales team with Your Sales Motivation Engine, whose name says it all. Create competition around any field in Salesforce, such as booking meetings, creating qualified opportunities, launching new products, converting leads, completing fields, closing deals and more. The app integrates with Work.com to allow for badging and Amazon prizes. Users claim utilizing Your Sales Motivation Engine drives adoption of Salesforce and encourages best practices, as sales teams instantly see their results.

Pricing: $20 USD per user per month

Opportunity Optimizer
Since sales professionals are always looking for new ways to find new prospects, the part-conference, part-application Opportunity Optimizer may be their answer. This native app is designed to create structured, repeatable opportunity management during an intense, highly interactive one-day workshop (followed by 12 weeks of web-based team coaching) that focuses on how to improve win rates, margins, forecast accuracy and sales productivity.

Pricing: $300 USD per user per year

Want to discover more great sales apps from the AppExchange? Download our free guide.


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