4 Things Your Company Should Know About Salesforce1

Salesforce1Salesforce1 is a unified app development platform created with device convergence in mind. It allows incredible freedom for ISVs, developers, administrators and every user to innovate apps for desktop and mobile use.

This approach to unlocking mobile app development for organizations is built for today’s needs: Mobile and social solutions delivered in days or weeks.  Business users and administrators can develop apps with clicks, not code, complete with powerful workflow rules, approval processes and dynamic user interfaces.

Designed for scale with open APIs for extensibility and integration, and powerful developer tools, there’s no limit to what developers and ISVs can build utilizing Salesforce1. Here are four things your company should know about the platform:

Social Data
The ability to share, follow, collaborate, and take business actions directly on data within Salesforce1 is at the core of the platform. By treating data as social and as an important participant in business, Salesforce1 allows data to share updates, trigger workflows and be part of the collaboration process with workers, teams, partners and customers.

Declarative and Programmatic Development
Salesforce1 solves the problem of speed to delivery by providing intuitive drag-and-drop tools for storing and working with data, defining cloud-based logic with workflows, creating approval processes and formulas and creating mobile-ready apps. Professional developers can use the most popular open-source languages, tools and standards to build completely custom apps and user interfaces.

Action-Based App Model
Rather than require complicated development cycles, apps can be declared through actions: Create an order, set a delivery date, select a route and so on. Administrators can define default values for actions to streamline apps down to the click of a mouse or swipe of the finger.

Connect to Everything with Open APIs
APIs include access to bulk APIs for data loading, social APIs for ubiquitous collaboration anywhere, cutting-edge streaming APIs to support push notification integrations and metadata APIs that describe every aspect of your app and business such as permissions, data access policies, field types and user experience.


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