4 Reasons to Attend Salesforce World Tour Events

Boston BuildingsIf Dreamforce is on your agenda this year, you may be ambivalent about attending a Salesforce World Tour event as well. After all, there is some redundancy in purpose, with each event being a promotional showcase for Salesforce and its solutions.

But as some of our associates ready themselves for the Boston World Tour this week, I’m reminded that there are important differences between the big show and its traveling counterpart.  While Dreamforce is massive and days long, the Salesforce World Tour events are more intimate and require just a single-day commitment.  And oh, by the way, unlike Dreamforce, World Tour registration is free.

But if you’re still on the fence about a World Tour event (we’re talking to you Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Washington, D.C.), below are some reasons to reconsider.

Did we mention the World Tours are free?  Registration savings aside, you’re saving a trip to California, cutting your spend for travel, lodging, food and other costs that quickly add up for Dreamforce. Plus, at low or no cost, it’s easier to justify bringing more of your team to a World Tour—providing them a Dreamforce-like experience, if only for the day.

The smaller crowds at World Tour events make everything more accessible. Vendors and exhibits are more approachable, workshops and demos are less crowded, and conference amenities (like food and bathrooms) are easier to get to. The agenda is still packed, but you may actually find that you prefer the relative intimacy of a World Tour compared to the spectacle of Dreamforce.

Local flavor
The World Tours focus on success stories of local companies, and it’s fun to see names you know and how they’re building on the Salesforce platform. Here in Boston, healthcare giants like Philips will be showcased, but small businesses and local universities—the Berklee College of Music, for example— also offer relevant, regional case studies. From a networking perspective, a Salesforce World Tour is a great opportunity to connect with other local users. When planning your day, leave room for the Networking Reception held at the end of most Tour events.

Whether you’re an end user, admin or architect, there’s plenty of practical advice dispensed during the day’s Breakout Sessions. The Boston event features more than 30 sessions, some of which will help bring you up to speed on newer innovations, like the Wave Analytics Cloud and Salesforce1 Lightning. If your company is building around Salesforce, it’s a day well-spent learning from seasoned pros, as well as local power users.


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