Archive: September, 2015

by Jaime Grimes

The 20 Most Hilarious Resume and Cover Letter Mistakes

A disclaimer before you start reading this: None of the following resume and cover letter mistakes and hilarities are from anything we have ever received.

However, our recruiters and hiring managers would agree that resume and cover letter mistakes make them think twice about interviewing or hiring a candidate. So after…

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by Alex Gramling

5 Reasons You Can’t Work Remotely

It’s a question that consulting candidates are asking with greater frequency:  Can I work from home?

“Someone asks me that at least once a day,” says Caitlin Gentry, a recruiter at Run Consultants. “Usually the answer is ‘no,’ but I’ll always ask the client if I think remote work is…

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by Ben McCarthy

5 Things I Can’t Wait to See at Dreamforce ’15

With less than a month to go, the social media buzz around Dreamforce ’15 is truly at its peak. This is the fourth Dreamforce that has happened since I was introduced to Salesforce, and this year I am lucky to be attending for the first time.

Since I found…

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