2015 Salesforce Spring Release: The Mobile Features Are Big, Big, Big

Final_Spring15-logoThe 2015 Salesforce Spring Release  boasts more than 250 new and improved features (100 more than last spring) and included more than 130 customer ideas. And while there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Duplicate Management, Event Monitoring and Wave, the Salesforce1 mobile enhancements seem most intriguing – and easy to implement. You’re super busy, so take advantage of this low-hanging fruit from the Spring Release listed below, to help accelerate adoption and productivity for your mobile workforce.

Duplicate alerts and blocking
Once you configure duplicate alerts and blocking in your org, you can configure the duplicate rules for Salesforce1 users to run as they complete fields instead of after they save the record, which saves time and frustration.

Google Map images
Geo-location awareness is key to users on the go, and with the display of Google Map images for standard address fields, users can easily find where they need to go.

Salesforce Today enhancements
For users on the go who want all key information with one click, Salesforce Today enhancements are the answer. The Salesforce Today page is fun with its pull-to refresh gesture and provides additional contextual information with the Accounts News Card and the improvements to Dashboards.

Chatter additions
The Chatter enhancements greatly improve the Salesforce user experience and productivity. Bundled Posts help reduce the noise of field updates on records your follow. The New Post page allows users to attach a file and add multiple links to a single post by copying the URL into the body of the post.

To ensure your users experience the full benefits of these Salesforce Spring Release mobile features, promote them through the appropriate communication channels, and fully leverage Chatter.


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