Archive: July, 2014

by Jaime Grimes

Ask the Recruiter: 4 Resume Must-Haves

We asked our recruiters to outline resume must-haves that will truly set you apart from other candidates seeking IT consulting roles. Follow our tips and you’ll leave every recruiter and hiring manager wondering where you’ve been all their lives.

Update your resume for each position
While IT consultants typically…

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by Alex Gramling

New e-Book: 6-Point Checklist for Mobile App Success

Enterprise spending on mobile application development is on the rise, but many mobile applications built by and for businesses — often at significant cost—go unused or underused by their target audience.

Apps developed with the best of intentions may fail if companies don’t fully understand their mobile users, or if…

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by Jaime Grimes

Big Data Salaries, Job Opportunities Soaring

Want to make more than your organization’s CIO? If the answer is yes, become a data scientist manager.

While most BI and data warehousing salaries remain stagnant through 2014, big data analytics professionals and data scientists are rare, prized – and well compensated, according to InformationWeek’s new BI and Analytics Salary

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