13 of the 25 Highest Paying Jobs Are in IT

glassdoor salariesTechnology development is moving fast, and employers may be struggling to keep up with IT staffing demands.

The shortage of technology professionals coupled with the need for hard-to-find, specialized skills means those with certain IT skills are in top demand, and employers are willing to pay premium salaries to get them – and keep them. This means it’s a good time for IT generalists to start honing in on skills in specific high-demand areas, as CIOs are looking for deep experience.

If you already have that specialized experience, such as in data security management, analytics, software development and quality assurance, you’re already sitting pretty, as 13 of the 25 highest-paying jobs are in IT, said Glassdoor’s inaugural salary report released earlier this year. And if you’re not, it’s a good time to learn what some of the highest-paid IT professionals do, so you can get a piece of the larger-salary pie.

In order, these are the highest paying IT jobs in 2015 and the average base salary for each:

  • Software Architect: $130,891
  • Software Development Manager: $123,747
  • Solutions Architect: $121,522
  • Analytics Manager: $115,725
  • IT Manager: $115,642
  • Product Manager: $113,959
  • Data Scientist: $105,395
  • Security Engineer: $102,749
  • QA Manager: $101,330
  • Computer Hardware Engineer: $101,154
  • Database Administrator: $97,258
  • UX Designer: $96,855
  • Software Engineer: $96,392

Methodology: For a job title to be considered for Glassdoor’s Highest Paying Jobs In Demand report, job titles must receive at least 75 salary reports shared by U.S.-based employees over the past year (1/26/14 – 1/25/15). Of the job titles that meet the salary criteria, they must also be in the top 50th percentile for number of job openings per job title to qualify for this report. Job openings represents active job listings and/or jobs posted within the last three months, as of 2/2/15. This report takes into account job title normalization that groups similar job titles.



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