10 Salesforce Resources Every Developer Should Know About

Data storage. Laptop  with file ring binders.Whether you are a developer just starting out in the Salesforce ecosystem or an experienced Apex coder, having the right resources at hand is paramount. And if you’re a developer, you’re in luck with Salesforce, as both the company and its indirect partners are very helpful.

The amount of Salesforce resources out there is huge – and quite varied. There are forums, blogs, videos, tutorials, interactive training, virtual training, in-person training and more. Below are some resources to bookmark to make sure you know where to go if you are stuck, need some guidance or feel like learning something new.

Salesforce Developer site
The Salesforce Developers official site has vastly improved over the past year, giving you access to all the documentation you could ever need on every aspect of Salesforce. In addition to documentation, you can get the latest events, blog posts and news related to the development of the Salesforce platform.

Trailhead was launched in the latter part of 2014 and is an interactive learning/training platform. This is a first for Salesforce, who has yet to dive into an interactive e-learning platform, but it’s done very well. Connect your developer org, take on challenges and earn badges.

SFDC99 is a blog and training website by David Liu, a Salesforce MVP. David learned to code from scratch and is now inspiring people to do the same with SFDC99 – Coding for the 99%. David has a great way with words and explaining how to code from scratch, having done it himself. This is definitely one to check out to hone your developing skills.

Advanced Apex Programming
For the senior developer who is looking for that next leg up, Dan Appleman has written “Advanced Apex Programming for Salesforce.com and Force.com.” This book goes beyond the basics of Apex and teaches you to think in a different way, making your code more efficient and reliable.

Salesforce Success Community
No matter where you are in your career or what part of the Salesforce ecosystem you fit into, the Salesforce Success Community is one of the best ways to get answers.  With over 1.5 million members, the Success Community is the primary forum-style website for Salesforce. Instead of thinking of it as a forum, consider it a platform to ask questions, learn, help others and pitch ideas to the community for Salesforce features.

Salesforce –  Stack Exchange
Primarily for developers, Salesforce has its own subsection on the Stack Exchange where users can ask questions, which get quickly answered by experts in exchange for votes. Although most questions have to do with coding, you can ask (and probably receive an answer to) questions on any customizations to Force.com.

Salesforce University
Salesforce training has recently been rebranded to Salesforce University, which is Salesforce’s own training program that includes instructor-led classes, either in-person or virtual.  These classes are geared to get you to pass certain certifications or to help you hone your skills in a certain area. They provide training for developers and administrators.

Salesforce user groups
Salesforce user groups come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and there are currently 200 all over the world. User groups are meetings that take place at various times throughout the year. Here, users discuss all things Salesforce, and you can expect to find a mix of developers, administrators, consultants and users. Find the user group closest to you here.

Salesforce CodeTalk Live
Salesforce recently launched CodeTalk, which is where developers can have their Force.com questions answered via a live call for pre-selected topics. This is brilliant if you are just starting out and need to know what you are doing right or wrong.

Blogs, blogs and more blogs
A large number of Salesforce developers spend some of their free time blogging about what they’re up to on the Salesforce platform. You never know when someone might write an article that pertains to what you’re doing, so you may want to sign up to receive articles by email from a few of these blogs. Since some of them are Salesforce MVPs, they may even be willing to help you personally if you reach out to them. Here are a few of my favorite Salesforce blogs (I’m based in the U.K., but the information should still translate on these):

And of course, the Run Consultants blog is a good one to sign up for, too, as it has admin and developer tips and tricks, the latest IT trends and Salesforce salary information.

Ben McCarthy is a certified Salesforce admin and developer. He writes the popular Salesforce Blog, Salesforce Ben. Ben has a wealth of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem as a Business Analyst, Head of CRM and Certified Sales Cloud Consultant.


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