The 10 Best Tweets from Aboard the Dreamforce Dreamboat

Leave it to the world’s largest software conference in the world to up the ante – with a luxury cruise liner docked off San Francisco Bay to accommodate Dreamforce’s attendance of 160,000.

Since this year’s event drew in 10,000 more attendees than last year’s, and San Francisco hotel rooms were scarce, Salesforce chartered a 965-foot long Celebrity cruise ship and docked it at San Francisco’s Pier 27 to house 1,100 lucky Dreamforce attendees.

Whether your ship’s come in or not, we know you’re dying to know what’s going on aboard the aptly named Dreamboat, so here’s a rundown of the best photos and Tweets on deck.

Don’t fight the urge to sing “I’m On a Boat…”

… even if you’re on the jogging track around the boat.

If you get to stay aboard the Dreamboat, understand that others are going to be jealous. Twelve restaurants!

Some might even take pictures of you taking pictures while onboard.

But never fear, you can still take that token cruise line picture…

… while still feeling like a boss.

Speaking of boss, SaaSy’s ship has come in!

She’s a mighty, seaworthy vessel.

Dreamboat lesson learned: You can be IN water while you’re ON water.

It’s hard to resist that view though…

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